Photo Gallery

Photos provided by Mary Clukey (thank you Mary!!!)

Parker with Jolie and Kerwin

Deuce over wall

Tammy with Deuce on the go out

Deuce with Parker in the blind

Deuce, Tammy and Parker

Echo with the sleeve

Echo with Parker

Fala, Lisa and Dennis

Fala with Parker

Grys with Parker - faster pace healing

Halo with Charity healing

Halo focused on Charity

Halo with Parker

Soul with Scott and Dennis

Soul with Scott and Dennis

Huey with Parker

Huey with Parker

We are a family friendly club!

Java with Dennis

Java with Dennis and Dale

Taking in the sights


All professional photos provided by Gwen Oliver (thank you Gwen!!!)

Scott and Soul with Aaron

Dale and Java

Parker and Grys

Charity and Halo

Parker and Grys

Charity and Halo

Dennis with Deuce


Dennis and Deuce on the escape

Lisa and Rebel

Parker with Rebel

Charity and Halo

Mary and Bolo on the Go Out

Mary with Bolo

Aaron with Baja

Aaron and Baja - Down in Motion

Baja Tracking

Mary and Bolo - article detection


Mary and Bolo - transport

Parker with Baja on escape

Tammie and Deuce

Parker with Bolo

Mary with Bolo

Baja over the aframe

Aaron and Baja dumbell retrive

Aaron and Baja heeling in group

Aaron on the Escape

Misty and Chase

Thomas with Smokey

Parker on the drive

Thomas with Smokey

Amos and Dennis

Joye with Mazzy

Joye with Recon




Tiffany w/ Dani

Lone w/ Ronja

Dennis and Amos



Josh and Mazzy


Tammie and Deuce

Josh on the down in motion w/ Waylon


Josh and Waylon


Jr. Hanlder Addison w/ Usha

Ryan heeling Kiva to the Escape


Jr. Handler Ryan w/ Kiva


Danny and Bruno aka "the Wookie"

"the Wookie"

Addison fast heeling w/ Usha